Your work is a gift. And the world needs your gift in its best and purest form.

We are creating a team and environment where every person is able to do their best work and contribute their unique gift to the creation of something greater than themselves.

Senior Server Engineer

If you take server response time as seriously as you do exploring new places, mastering skills, or seeking incredible experiences, you've found your tribe. We’re looking for someone who has been a part of building and scaling a consumer mobile (and ideally social) app on the iPhone, e.g. Path, Instagram, AirBnB, Eventbrite, Foursquare to help us scale and improve efficiencies.


  • Preparing and improving codebase, database, and servers to handle large amounts of traffic
  • Administrating servers, monitoring up-time and traffic
  • Coding new features for the Rails API
  • Building and improving server deploy processes
  • Managing local OS X integration server for running continuous integration tests for both the Rails back-end and the iPhone app
  • Maintaining and ensuring reliability of staging and production servers running Rails application on Amazon EC2
  • Managing server logging, data analysis, and error handling

Your bag of tricks:

  • Experience using all or most of the technologies we have in our stack: Rails 3, Chef, AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), MySQL, Redis, Memcache, Monit, ElasticSearch
  • Experience working on a large-scale web or mobile application with a robust API
  • Experience setting up and administrating Linux/OS X servers
  • Experience scaling a codebase and database across multiple server instances
  • Experience using a modern web framework (Rails, Django, Zend, etc...)
  • Experience using testing frameworks (RSpec, Cucumber, Jenkins, etc...)
  • A strong desire to make a positive impact on the world
  • Familiarity with other technologies such as NoSQL, Hadoop, Node.js, Backbone

QA Engineer

We're looking for a QA engineer learning or experienced in iOS. If you are extremely detail-oriented and motivated with an interest in mobile, plus love exploring new places, mastering skills, or seeking incredible experiences, please drop us a line. We are a tight-knit, but diverse group of people pushing ourselves professionally and personally and are looking for someone great; hopefully you!


  • Develop test plan, methodology and strategy for iOS and web applications
  • Design, develop and execute test cases, using automation as much as possible
  • Extract appropriate logs and gather diagnostic information
  • Use feedback from customer support to expand test scenarios
  • Research, identify, reproduce, isolate and report defects
  • Verify resolved defects against all applicable environments

Your bag of tricks:

  • Objective-C comprehension—not necessarily the ability to build apps, but the ability to debug in Xcode and read the console logs
  • Experience with one or more iOS testing frameworks—e.g., UIAutomation, KIF, or MonkeyTalk
  • JavaScript, RSpec (backend testing), Front-end (Sauce Labs), Jenkins and Shell/Bash scripting skills
  • Python and other scripting a plus

Senior iOS Engineer

We're looking for someone who has been a part of building and launching a successful iPhone application. You'll work alongside incredible talent in an agile environment. If you care just as much about polish and UX as about performance and functionality, we'd love to hear from you.


  • Implementing for iOS specification in Objective-C
  • Reviewing code and writing unit tests
  • Utilizing Github and communicating via developer communities, social media outlets, blogs, etc.
  • Communicating with geographically distributed peers/teams
  • Writing clear specification and documentation for API’s
  • Demonstrating your passion for solving tough challenges that enable people to build amazing mobile apps

Your bag of tricks:

  • Experience launching an iPhone app in the App store
  • Objective C / Cocoa experience required
  • Experience shipping one or more Objective-C native iOS apps (candidates with an app currently available cut to the front of the line)
  • Experience with social applications and highly distributed mobile apps
  • Strong CS fundamentals gained through Bachelor’s degree in CS, Math or related discipline or equivalent industry experience
  • Strong knowledge of MVC, OOP, memory management and threading
  • Familiarity with JSON and REST-based APIs
  • Ability to work in areas outside of your usual comfort zone and get things done quickly
  • Fluent use of git as revision control tool