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About Us

Gladiator Solutions Inc. was developed by Law Enforcement and Military Personnel with one simple idea…to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort, at an affordable price. Our key emphasis is to provide our customers with lighter, safer and more affordable solutions that have greater ballistic capability. Our full line of hard armor plates, tactical ballistic plate carriers, soft armor inserts and vests, helmets, shields, and other ballistic products and accessories incorporate the latest materials and technology to ensure maximum protection and performance.

Gladiator is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of personal protective systems. Whether for local law enforcement, federal and state agencies or the military, our High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) and hybrid UHMWP/Ceramic armor provides the highest level of protection at the lightest weight.

Gladiator products are leading the way with ultimate protection, extreme comfort, minimal weight products at unsurpassed value.

Gladiator products are tested and certified in accordance with protocols developed by the National Institute of Justice, US Military Specification and European Ballistics Standards.

Gladiator proudly employs retired Law Enforcement and Military personnel across virtually all functional areas within the Gladiator organization including: Sales & Marketing • Distribution • Operations • Product Development/Innovation • Tactical Training

Why Gladiator

We offer top quality solutions for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies, First Responders, National Armed forces, and Independent Security Contractors.

Unsurpassed Quality & Value

Our products provide extreme lightweight, incredible comfort, maximum strength solutions at affordable prices, without compromising performance, durability or quality.

Round Dispersion Technology (RDT)

Our ballistic plates absorb the round rather than deflecting/spalling like steel, or fracturing like Ceramic. RDT spreads the kinetic energy delivered by the round from the point of impact to the surrounding area, diffusing the forces of impact over a larger area and dispersing the force of the round impact.

Testing Protocol

To ensure the highest quality solutions, we age, test and certify our NIJ & Special Threat plates to and beyond certification standards. This enables Gladiator to warranty our plates to 10 years vs. the industry standard 5 years. While most testing is conducted with the widest spread for impact points (to reduce the kinetic energy absorbed by the armor material),we target the smallest area possible with the highest concentration of kinetic energy in a localized area of impact, providing Gladiator with the confidence that we are providing the highest strength to weight ratio solution to our customers.

Materials & Composition

Our products are manufactured from high strength, high durability materials. The performance of these materials enables Gladiator to provide a 10-year warranty. While other products tend to break down over time, our products are manufactured from Polyethylene and Ceramic materials, providing a long and unsurpassed service life.


We conduct our sales in accordance with Department of Justice (DOJ) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer service is industry leading, delivering products within 4-6 weeks of order and providing timely updates throughout the production process.

Shipping Policy

Most ballistic protective items come with a 5 year shelf, as defined by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice), as a result, our products are made to order to ensure the longest possible life to your product. As a result, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Return Policy

Given the life saving nature of these products, all sales are final and cannot be returned.

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