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Amy Robbins

While hosting several different lifestyle TV shows, our CEO and Co-founder Amy Robbins’ passion for firearm safety and proficiency  grew along with her desire to see women everywhere live a confident, self-reliant lifestyle.

As an avid runner with a few bad experiences on her runs, Amy wanted the ability to train for a marathon wherever she wanted to, even in the wee hours, without fearing for her safety, so she obtained her License to Carry. After much research she realized that many women shared these same experiences and she wanted to do something about it. However, she quickly realized that having a license to carry or carrying other tools such as mace or a taser does a woman little good if there are no comfortable, functional (much less great-looking) apparel options that would allow her to exercise while also exercising her right to carry and still look and feel great.

Soon after, in 2017, Amy created Alexo Athletica because no product existed on the market that met her need to feel fashionable while carrying in active wear. She saw white space in the market and jumped on the opportunity to not only provide fashionable, functional carrywear but create a movement of empowered, independent women that could  #carrywithconfidence.

Sometimes I need a reminder that everything I do from spending time with God and my family, to giving advice to others, and even taking our company to the next level must be done with intentionality.

Amy Robbins

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I pray each of you accomplish all
you set your hearts to. Remember, dreams don’t have an expiration date but stop dreaming and start

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