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BOG 735562

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The Bog Pod Switcheroo Systems SSM Sling Swivel Mount 735562 was designed to be the perfect way to mount your rifle sling. One end of the BOG POD SSM Switcheroo Sling Mount can be mounted to any switcheroo compatible BOG-POD. The other end is a sling swivel stud allowing you to mount your sling while the SSM is attached. Once the Bog Pod SSM Rifle Sling Swivel Mount is mounted to a BOG-POD it will stay mounted even if you pick up your rifle. The POD and SSM will not detach. Now you can move your rifle POD attached for quick target re-acquisition. For a great way to make sure you have one of the best swivel attachment devices available choose the Bog-Pod SSM Switcheroo SSM Rifle Sling Swivel Mount. BOGgear 735562: Sling Swivel Mount Switch a Roo - Mounts directly to your rifle sling swivel stud - One end can be mounted to any Switcheroo compatible BOG POD - Will stay mounted even if you pick up your rifle - Great for target reacquisition
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Product Name BOG 735562
Product Brand BOG POD
UPC Number 729806355625
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