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Personal Survival Package by 12 Survivors

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Personal Survival Package by 12 Survivors


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12 Survivors

The Personal Survival Package features all the innovative gear you need to get you through an unexpected adventure or a last-minute overnight expedition. Each package comes equipped with supplies by 12 Survivors including an Ignite-110 Headlamp, 20F Sleeping Bag, Ultra Mini First Aid Kit, a Sharp & Spark fire starter and Pocket Water Purifier.

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The Personal Survival Package features all the innovative gear you need to get you through an unexpected adventure or a last-minute overnight expedition. Each package comes equipped with supplies by 12 Survivors including an Ignite-110 Headlamp, 20F Sleeping Bag, Ultra Mini First Aid Kit, a Sharp & Spark fire starter and Pocket Water Purifier.

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Covid19...2020...Civil unrest. All reasons to be prepared. Everest has the utlimate survival package for you in one spot. Brought to you by 12 Survivors, this Personal Survival Package has all the gear you need.

Headlamps -  Ignite-110 

Whether you’re heading off the grid for a weekend adventure or in survival mode searching for a way out, the 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp lights the way.Built to last with rugged, dependable IP54 waterproof ABS plastic construction and robust operation buttons, the 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp is GO READY for any situation, in nearly any environment. The Ignite 110 headlamp boasts an ultra-bright 3-watt 110 lumen LED capable of a maximum beam throw 105 meters, a glow-in-the-dark 3-stage push-on/mode/off switch and 6 operating modes: Motion sensor, 110 lumen (high), 75 lumens (mid), 50 lumens (low), S.O.S. and red light. The red LED is perfect for movement without spooking wildlife or compromising night vision.

The 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp is powered by (3) AAA batteries and delivers runtimes of 5 hrs. at 110 lumens, 7.5 hrs. at 75 lumens and 10 hrs. at 50 lumens for long lasting torch and signaling reliability.Lightweight and compact, with a body size of just 2.5” x 2.2” x 1.5”, the 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp, complete with a comfortable, adjustable, one-size-fits-all head strap, is the perfect hands-free flashlight for prepping, camping, hunting, hiking and even late-night outdoor work.

  • Length - 3 in

  • Weight - 2.5 in

  • Height - 2.5 in

  • Weight - 3.2 oz

  • Bulb Type - 3W White LED, Red LED

  • Max Beam Distance - 105 meters

  • Modes - Motion Sensor, 110 Lumens, 75 Lumens, 50 Lumens, S.O.S, Red Light

  • Battery life, hours - 110 Lumen-5, 75 Lumen-7.5, 50 Lumen-10

  • Battery Type - AAA (X3)

  • Material - ABS Plastic

  • Waterproof Rating - IP54

  • Dimensions, mm - 63x56x37 (2.5x2.2x1.5 inches)

  • Weight, (w/ battery) ,oz. - 2.9 oz

Terra-pod Sleeping Bag-Regular

This 12 Survivors Terra-pod Sleeping bag is primed for all weather over 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Its polyester filled, mummy hybrid shaped construction provides protection from the outside-in while only weighing 4 lbs. With comfort and versatility in mind, the Terra-pod features an interior chest pocket for holding important items such as keys and cell phones, while its full foot box gives you the ability to increase airflow on those hot muggy nights. When cooler weather strikes, keep warm with its added draft collar and hood drawstring. Ideal for long treks and family camping trips, this Terra-pod Sleeping Bag is able to fit individuals up to 6 ft. tall and offers hang loops for easy storage. Fits individuals up to 6/ft tall, has an interior chest pocket, full foot box with double zipper and draft collar. 

  • Shape - Mummy Hybrid

  • Fits Up To - 6 Feet

  • Shell Material - 380T Nylon Ripstop

  • Lining Material - 210T Polyester Pongee

  • Zipper Location - Left

  • Filling - Polyester Wadding

  • Operating temperature, F/C - 20/-7

  • Bag Dimensions (Rolled up) - 15x10 in.

  • Dimensions - 80x34 inches

  • Weight - 3lb 4.7oz

 First Aid Kit - UltraLite Mini First Aid Kit

Whether you’re a soccer mom preparing for your child’s upcoming bumps and bruises or a casual weekend hiker, the 12 Survivors UltraLite First Aid Kit provides you with the essentials to get through any misadventure. Weighing less than a single pound, the UltraLite First Aid Kit provides 90 pieces of various safety supplies including bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, scissors, tweezers, tape and moleskin. Wrapped in a moisture wicking, Honeycomb ripstop rollup kit, these first aid supplies come well organized and easy-to-find in six interior zipper pockets, allowing them to be restocked with new first aid necessities.

  • Bag Dimensions (Opened) - 13.5 x 9.75 in. (342.9 x 247.7 mm.) in/mm

  • Bag Dimensions (Rolled up) - 3 x 9.75 in. in.

  • Bag Material - Honeycomb ripstop nylon

  • Weight (filled) - 11.3 oz oz

  • Number of Pieces - 90

Tools - Sharp & Spark

A unique tool for any outdoor adventure or survival situation, this compact, two-in-one device provides the components needed to sharpen your blade and start a fire. The 12 Survivors™ Sharp & Spark is equipped with four sharpening methods to quickly sharpen a dull blade:

1. Coarse triangular bit sharpener to repair and re-profile a damaged/dented blade

2. Fine triangular bit sharpener to smoothen and shape the blade

3. Diamond serration file that sharpens serrated blades

4. Diamond-coated sharpener that provides both a coarse and fine sharpening method when moving the blade manually back and forth

Its leather strop (part of sharpening process) removes small blade particles left over from sharpening, honing the blade, while the magnesium fire starter creates a shower of hot sparks to start a fire. Small enough to carry in your pack, pocket, or around the neck (designed with a lanyard hole), the Sharp & Spark is an integral item for every survivor to have on hand.

Pocket Water Purifier

Go Ready with the 12 Survivors Pocket Water Purifier. Whether you’re on a morning hike, spending a week in the mountains, or clawing your way out of a survival situation, this compact, 1.2” x 6.5”, 2.1 oz. water filtration straw provides 0.4 liters per minute of thirst-quenching potable water you can depend on. Constructed of BPS-free ABS plastic and Tested by TUV SUD, this lightweight, portable water filtering straw reduces bacteria by 99.9999%. With filtration down to just .03 microns for up to 1500 liters, this life-saving straw prevents major illnesses such as Salmonella, Giardia, Cholera, Diarrhea, and more. This pocket sized purifier threads easily onto a standard soda or water bottle and keeps you from putting your hands or face in potentially dangerous water for a drink. No matter where your outdoor adventures take you, Go Ready with 12 Survivor Pocket Water Purifier. Includes a pre-filter and cotton replacements.

  • Dimensions - 1.2 in diameter

  • Dimensions - 6.5 in height

  • Filter Capacity - 396 gallons

  • Filter Capacity - 1500 liters

  • Filter Elements - Antibacterial Granular Activated Carbon and Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

  • Material - ABS and BPA free food grade plastic

  • Output Flow Rate - .4 liters per minute

  • Weight - 2.1 oz

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