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The Big Daddy spoon has been magnified several times and comes in at a healthy 6 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, with a weight of 2.75 oz. These spoons have the same fall and flutter action as the original Flutter Spoon and the Talon Spoon. The fall and movement of this spoon is spectacular. It backs up 1 foot for every foot of depth you stroke it upwards and then it flutters gracefully through the entire water column and settles on the bottom. Marine-grade brass construction with a nickel finish back and high-quality paint scheme delivers tons of flash. Big Daddy is armed with a single 2/0 VMC treble hook to ensure fish stay hooked. Fluttering action on the fall, 3 VMC 2/0 treble hook to ensure solid hooksets, Falls gracefully through the entire water column, Marine-grade brass construction, Large size to attract big fish, Five colors, Made in the USA

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