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Designed to mimic a large dying shad falling to the bottom, the Dixie Jet Gizzard Spoon is an easy snack for hungry predators. Made from marine-grade brass, the Dixie Jet Gizzard Spoon features a specially cupped shape, which allows it flutter gracefully through the water column like an injured shad and trigger ferocious strikes. It is also weighted to fall one foot backwards per every one foot of depth so that anglers can reach farther back into shaded areas like boat docks and overhanging trees. Deadly on both freshwater and saltwater species, the Dixie Jet Gizzard Spoon excels around schooling fish and high percentage targets where fish like to sit and ambush prey. Finished with a VMC 2/0 wide gap treble hook that ensures solid hook-ups, the Dixie Jet Gizzard Spoon is available in several fish catching colors that work great on all species of fish.

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