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Hangers: Plastic Adult (Lot of 50) - Used

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  • Lot of 50 Used hangers
  • Shirt hangers
  • Good condition
  • May vary assorted colors & styles (all adult sizes)

Look at you! Sitting there at work in a wrinkled shirt and a wrinkled pair of pants. Oh you were running late this morning so you didn't have time to iron your outfit? That's your excuse? Seriously, who the hell still has time to iron? And now you look like a slob. And you call yourself a professional? Maybe if you had some hangers in your closet you'd find you wouldn't have to store your clothes in a heaping mess on the floor. That's where wrinkles live, dummy. Maybe, if you kNew about this awesome invention, you could afford to hit that snooze button a million times and still make it to work early while looking somewhat presentable. Well my friend, today is your day because I'm going to get you a raise. You need some hangers? I got some hangers. All sorts of hangers. No, you can't pick and choose the assortment, but I promise for only 20 bones, I'll send you 50 hangers. Not even Wally World offers hangers that cheap. And we all win too. You help us get rid of a sh!tton of hangers and in turn, you go to work looking like the professional we all know you're not; you get a raise, win the lottery, buy a New home and then leave us some postive feedback for epically changing your life. All because of some f'in hangers! Now all you'll have to work on is remembering to buy some Visine for those bloodshot, hungover eyes...hangers can't fix that, buddy.

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Product Name Hangers: Plastic Adult (Lot of 50) - Used
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