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Hevi-Shot Duck Shot 12 ga: 2.75", 1.25oz #4 (Box/10)

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Heavier Than Lead! HEVI-Shot Duck smokes fast-flying, small body birds. With higher speeds and lighter payloads than HEVI-Shot Goose loads, these shells are bad News for mallards, widgeon, woodies, teal, and any other duck that comes to the call.

These dense-patterning loads deliver 50% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yards than comparable steel loads. They also maintain incredible duck-folding energy out to 60 yards, making your second and third shots as effective as your first. Moisture-resistant crimp keeps your ammo working in all conditions.

  • Smokes fast-flying small body birds: mallards, widgeon, woodies, teal and more
  • Increase your range by over 20%
  • 50% more lethal pellets over 40 yards
  • 15% pattern improvement over high speed steel
  • Load: 1.25oz
  • Shot size: #4
  • Shell: 2.75"
  • Velocity (fps): 1300
  • Rounds: Box of 10
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Product Name Hevi-Shot Duck Shot 12 ga: 2.75", 1.25oz #4 (Box/10)
MPN 42324
Product Brand 'Hevi-Shot'
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