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Kizer Cutlery Vanguard Sheepdog XL C01C Flipper Knife 3.9" 154CM Satin Blade, Green G10 Handles - V5488C2

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 Vanguard V5488C2 Sheepdog C01C XL
Kizer Cutlery

Unique in appearance, the C01C sings the praise of its inspiration, the epitome of multi-tasking excellence, the Cleaver. Fusing a comfortable curved handle with a full blade-wielding formidable chopping power, this knife cuts through the myriad of troubles with power.

Kizer uses high-tech wire EDM machines to cut the parts. This method is slower than laser or waterjet but Kizer feels the quality is worth the wait. Each component in Kizer knives is precision machined and engineered to the finest tolerances. The final fit, finish, action and sharpness of each knife are achieved entirely by hand, employing the irreplaceable craftsmanship developed by generations of cutlery masters. Dedicated craftsman honoring the long-term goal of making the best knives possible is what Kizer brings to you.

Vanguard Series

The Vanguard Series brings excellent value to high-quality designs. Since the start of Kizer Cutlery, they have focused on the high end of the knife market with their impeccable quality and premium materials. This has earned them a place in the hearts of their fans. To increase the accessibility of Kizer brand products, they took the designs of the Bladesmith and Prime Series, and while keeping the quality at the same high level, re-forged them using materials that bring extra value for the money spent. Kizer uses only materials that have stellar performance, such as VG10 for the blades and G10 or stainless steel for the handles. This way, Kizer products are available at all budget levels but still maintain that incredible quality of construction.
Tools share a common goal and purpose. Kizer brings you the Vanguard Series created with the purpose of distilling the essence of the Bladesmith and Prime Series into tools that excel in being used. This may not be your only knife, but this will be the knife you carry and use every day!
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Product Name Kizer Cutlery Vanguard Sheepdog XL C01C Flipper Knife 3.9" 154CM Satin Blade, Green G10 Handles - V5488C2
UPC Number 6926319002778
Celebrity Favorite
Blade Material 12C27 Stainless Steel
Blade Length 3.0"
Overall Length 9.25"
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