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L.T. Wright Genesis 4.25" A2 Flat Grind Fixed Blade Knife, Natural Canvas Micarta, Leather Sheath

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 A2 Flat-Grind Genesis, Natural Micarta
L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives
The Genesis by L.T. Wright is a knife steeped in history. This was the model that launched L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives as a company, and is inspired by the knife carried by Horace Kephart, the forefather of American Woodcraft. Dual meanings only enhance this versatile knife.

The versatile spear point blade is a bushcraft classic and lends itself well to nearly any task, from woodcarving to skinning to drilling. Each edge is finished by hand by expert sharpeners, and the spine of the blade features a crisp, 90-degree angle for scraping or striking a ferro rod, also known as a firesteel.

The comfortable handle on the Genesis is shaped by hand to remove any hot-spots and provide hours of comfort under hard use. With a broomstick-style handle, this is a knife that will fit just about anyone. Thumb scallops further enhance the grip with a natural place for pinch holds. The scales are triple riveted to the tang with Loveless-style “Fisheye” bolts in addition to high-strength epoxy, granting durability that will last a lifetime.

The knife would not be complete without a sheath, and the included JRE Industries leather sheath makes it easy to carry the Genesis. Retention is good, and there is a 0.375” diameter leather loop on the side to facilitate easy carry of a firesteel. Additional rivets allow versatile lashing options. The sheath can be used with the included dangler attachment for drop leg carry. If you prefer your knife to carry higher on the belt, you can remove the dangler, or simply fold it underneath and out of the way.
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Product Name L.T. Wright Genesis 4.25" A2 Flat Grind Fixed Blade Knife, Natural Canvas Micarta, Leather Sheath
Celebrity Favorite
Blade Material A-2 Tool Steel
Blade Length 14.25"
Overall Length 9.125"
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