Lee Precision Modern Reloading Manual 2nd Edition

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Lee Precision Modern Reloading Manual 2nd Edition

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The Lee Precision Modern Reloading 2nd Edition book is one of the most comprehensive load data manuals, 692 pages written by Richard Lee, printed in 2011. Reprinted in 2016, including a 12 page Final Chapter written by John Lee. It includes over 36,000 loads coering 178 cartridges in a new, larger, easier to read format, with velocities for starting loads. This is the best kind of load data, it is supplied by the powder companies. It also features a new, larger, easier to read format with computer rendered and dimensioned drawings. Cartridges are tabbed for quick reference. This manual also features the latest information on pressure. Exclusive pressure and velocity factors enable you to accurately calculate pressure and velocity for reduced loads, which is an absolute necessity for cast bullet shooting.
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Product Name Lee Precision Modern Reloading Manual 2nd Edition
Firearm Caliber Features Over 36,000 Loads
UPC Number 734307902773
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