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PrOlix 64 oz. "Economy Refill" - Total Gun Care Product

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  1. PrOlix 64 oz. "Economy Refill" - Total Gun Care Product
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Cleans: Prolix is a penetrating solvent that has been developed over many year, used in industry, and rated the safest, most effective agent. Based on citrus technology, it has a pleasant mild scent – in contrast to petroleum based solvents. Preserves: Prolix has been proven to work in freezing conditions of Alaska as well as the dusty Texas flat lands, and the damp humid jungles of South America. Prolix preserves and protects due to its thorough cleaning and complete surface coverage. Prolix will not remove metal defects: Prolix is a must for all blued, nickel, and stainless steel finishes. Lubricates: Prolix is not affected by adverse conditions of extreme hot or cold (-80 F to over +460 F). It remains dry to the touch. Prolix appears thin, but testing has provren that the retained optimum amount of lubricant is provided. It will not wipe off during firing or flash burn. It will not build up, become gummy nor discolor.
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Product Name PrOlix 64 oz. "Economy Refill" - Total Gun Care Product
Fluid Size 64 oz.
Product Brand Prolix
UPC Number 659096200087
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