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Quentin Ultimate Mens Valet & 4-pc Watch Box


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  1. Quentin Ultimate Mens Valet & 4-pc Watch Box
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This one is for the gents who, around the house are no doubt Renaissance Men in the running for Man of the Year, Alpha Male of the Neighborhood, Lord of the Manor, Supreme Commander of the Garage, or even just “The Jerk who Pays the Bills.” But no matter what his title is: it’s time to thank that fella. And this is just the way to do it. The Quentin Ultimate looks like a million bucks and will make a fella beam (more on that in a minute). A word about value. The price on this box is truly remarkable. That’s right: in the wampum, shekels, and dolla dolla bills y’all department, the Quentin Ultimate is very light. But in the eye candy, muy macho, and Robber Baron opulence department….it’s strong. Strong like bull. Twelve painstaking coats of lacquer complete the gorgeous, high-gloss piano finish. This high-lacquer sheen enhances the subtle, beautiful natural grain wood and luxurious, dark ebony finish. Its gold-toned quadrant hinges and closure complement the lush, gray velvet-lined interior perfectly. The Quentin Ultimate Valet & Watch Box Includes lift-out catchall tray, cufflinks/ring roll, 4 watch pillows, and 8 other compartments for smaller items.


  • Gorgeous dark Ebony finish over natural grain wood
  • 12 coats of lacquer completes the high-gloss piano finish
  • Gold-toned quadrant hinges and closure
  • Lift-out catchall tray
  • Cufflinks/ring roll
  • 4 watch pillow rolls
  • 8 compartments for smaller pieces
  • Velvet-lined interior
  • Dimensions: 11"x8.5"x3.25"
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Product Name Quentin Ultimate Mens Valet & 4-pc Watch Box
Product Brand 'Sayre & Co.'
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