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The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt Hardcover



The third book in artist John Seerey-Lester’s "Legends Series" relives in words and paint the exciting outdoor life of Theodore Roosevelt. 

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The third book in artist John Seerey-Lester’s "Legends Series" relives in words and paint the exciting outdoor life of Theodore Roosevelt. 

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With his descriptive text and 150 paintings and sketches, Seerey-Lester provides a fascinating glimpse into the former president’s life as a rancher and his unrelenting passion for wildlife, hunting, exploration and conservation.

The large-format, 200-page book covers Roosevelt’s most active years as an outdoorsman from the 1870s until his death in 1919. It also relives the hunting and exploratory expeditions of his two sons in the Far East. It opens with Roosevelt’s first deer hunt as a teenager, then continues chronologically as he pursues such dangerous game as grizzlies, lions and elephants in Africa and North America.

In the foreword for this landmark book, Tweed Roosevelt, TR’s great-grandson, writes: "Seerey-Lester has an extraordinary ability to bring to life the high drama of the hunt. TR, of course, could supply him with an almost unending series of opportunities for displaying his unique artistry."

Acclaimed wildlife artist and the preeminent painter of Theodore Roosevelt, John Seerey-Lester takes you on a historic journey to some of the most interesting places on earth. John’s paintings and writings will make you feel as though you are there, sharing the exciting adventures of the former president.

This book is the third in Seerey-Lester’s “Legends” series. The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt, published by Sporting Classics, features more than 60 chapters devoted to TR’s most spectacular hunts on three continents.

Complementing Seerey-Lester’s meticulously researched text are some 150 paintings and sketches, which altogether provide a unique glimpse into the life of the former president and his passion for wildlife and adventure.

You will share in TR’s excitement and frustration as a rancher in the Badlands of the Dakotas; of hunting grizzlies in buckskin and moccasins; of several harrowing incidents that set the stage for TR’s illustrious life as one of the world’s foremost adventurers.

You will travel with TR and his son Kermit as they lift the veil off the Dark Continent during their memorable safari through British East and Central Africa. In Seerey-Lester’s rich paintings you will feel the danger, taste the dust and smell the campfire smoke. You will share TR’s discomfort in the freezing cold while hunting in the Bitterroot Mountains where he killed a cougar – by hand.

The artist will take you along on TR’s last great adventure into the Brazilian rainforest and down the River of Doubt. There, you will witness an unbelievable series of hardships, disease, drowning and even murder that brought the president to the brink of suicide.

Join the talented artist and writer to discover the fascinating life and exciting adventures of one of the most impressive men in America’s history.

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