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The Manspot

The Manspot

“Honor, justice and humanity call upon us to hold and to transmit to our posterity, that liberty, which we received from our ancestors. It is not our duty to leave wealth to our children; but it is our duty to leave liberty to them.” – John Dickinson, Founding Father of the United States

A smaller, younger version of TheManSpot once sat in a High School Economics class. Notes that he won’t recall were probably taken on supply and demand, or maybe market structures. “The jobs that some of you will have in the future haven’t even been created yet,” remarks Mr. Economics teacher. Obligatory teenage eye roll. Surely not, TheManSpot thinks.

Eventually, the recently graduated version of TheManSpot would embark on a two-year mission to bring the gospel to any who would listen in Cleveland, Ohio. It is then, somewhere between Luke and 1 Thessalonians, that he would discover his passion and respect for our nation and its forefathers. Sure, he brought the good news to Ohio, but he received his own baptismal into our nation’s history through the personal stories told from an armchair and photographs shared around a kitchen table.

A beardless version of TheManSpot would eventually fall in love, and marry a beautiful woman (aka TheWifeSpot).

As it usually goes, it was then time for the grown-up version of TheManSpot to get a job. And for 12 years, he worked door-to-door for a security company, zigzagging across the entirety of our nation’s Southern belt.

At the urging of his wife, TheManSpot created THEMANSPOT as a place for him to be, well, a man. Yes, his feed is testament to manly endeavors at their finest, and his videos are hilarious. Yet it’s in this digital world that the patriotism, first stoked those many years ago, was given its platform.

Well, it turns out Mr. Economics teacher was right after all.

Eighteen months ago, TheManSpot quit his job to focus on the defense of the rights and liberties secured by our forefathers through his commitment to refocus our country’s priorities and defend the roots of our Constitution…on Instagram.

These days you’ll find a fully-bearded TheManSpot with his beloved WifeSpot and two adorable LittleSpots (with one on the way!) living the American dream in Utah.

Styles change, but our Freedoms DO NOT.

The Manspot

The Manspot's Spotlight

There’s nothing I love more than
spending time with my Family. I’ve learned how to be a man since becoming a Father. I still make mistakes, but it’s important we recognize and learn from our mistakes to be better Men or (Women) everyday.

The Manspot

The Manspot
The Manspot

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