FORLOH was created with this adventurous spirit in mind, for those that believe the journey begins where the trail ends, who seek to venture beyond the known into the unknown.

We are all hunters. Whether it's hunting for fish and game, searching out unique camping spots, or traveling in search of untouched powder stashes. The true reward lies in creating meaningful time outdoors, connecting with the natural world around us and those we’ve taken along for the journey.

At FORLOH we help create those experiences with innovative, technical clothing, while also bringing back ‘American Made’ to the outdoor industry, no matter the pursuit. A true leader doesn't just attract followers; they inspire more leaders. Changing the industry isn't just about FORLOH; it's about all of us. 

From the beginning, Forloh has been uncompromisingly-committed to 100% Always Made in the USA, from thread to garment. This commitment had two main purposes, first, help rebuild American Manufacturing and create jobs, and second, to shorten standard timelines for product development so we can bring you the latest innovations, more quickly, far before competitors who source overseas.  

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