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We understand that every adventure is unique, and so is every adventurer. That's why we've chosen to partner with a creator that truly understands the outdoors. We have worked closely with Rikki Folger to curate a selection of gear tailored specifically for your next adventure, ensuring you're well-equipped for whatever challenges you face. Our experts have handpicked items based on Rikki's preferences for durability, adaptibility, and efficiency. From the latest in ultralight gear to weather-resistant apparel and high-tech gadgets, each piece is chosen to enhance your experience and performance. Our goal is to help you elevate your next journey with gear that's as ready as you are to explore the great outdoors, so you can forget the rest and focus on your next adventure.

ABOUT Rikki Folger

Chef Rikki epitomizes the fusion of culinary artistry and the wild outdoors, transitioning from professional chef to esteemed wild game chef and seasoned huntress. With a background steeped in the traditions of the kitchen, she ventured into the untamed wilderness armed with an insatiable curiosity, forging a deep connection to the land and its bounty. Each culinary creation is a testament to her craftsmanship, from succulent venison infused with juniper to savory wild boar marinated in fragrant herbs, reflecting her commitment to quality, flavor, and sustainability.

Beyond the confines of traditional cooking, Chef Rikki is a fervent advocate for ethical hunting practices and environmental conservation, believing in the importance of fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. Her passion extends beyond the plate as she endeavors to share her knowledge through immersive dining experiences and educational outreach, inviting others to join her in celebrating the power of food to connect us to the wild, to each other, and to our primal instincts. In Chef Rikki's culinary world, every dish tells a story of adventure, reverence, and the timeless allure of the great outdoors.

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"Hunting isn't just about the thrill of the chase; it's about honoring the animal, the land, and the journey from field to table. In the kitchen, I continue that journey, crafting meals that pay homage to the wild and the traditions of the hunt."

- Chef Rikki

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Gear specifically chosen so you can meet your potential in your passion outdoors. The below handpicked gear will help you find your Everest.