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We understand that every adventure is unique, and so is every adventurer. That's why we've chosen to partner with a creator that truly understands the outdoors. We have worked closely with Scott Brown to curate a selection of gear tailored specifically for your next adventure, ensuring you're well-equipped for whatever challenges you face. Our experts have handpicked items based on Scott's preferences for durability, adaptibility, and efficiency. From the latest in ultralight gear to weather-resistant apparel and high-tech gadgets, each piece is chosen to enhance your experience and performance. Our goal is to help you elevate your next journey with gear that's as ready as you are to explore the great outdoors, so you can forget the rest and focus on your next adventure.


Scott Brown, the Co-Founder of the country music duo and lifestyle, War Hippies, boasts an impressive musical journey with over 5 million streams across platforms and counting. His passion for music is complemented by a distinguished military career, having served 4 years and 3 months with 2 tours overseas, including combat in Iraq as a United States Marine.

In 2019, Scott made a remarkable debut at the Grand Ole Opry, setting the stage for his rising success. The accolades continued with his victory at the 2020 Fan Army Award and the 2019 Male Vocalist of the Year Award at the Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards. Notably, Scott Brown showcased his talent on the USA Network's "Real Country" as a member of Travis Tritt's team.

The release of the "American Son" album in 2017, featuring the title track with Charlie Daniels, marked a milestone in Scott's career, reaching No. 19 on the iTunes Country chart. His prowess in the country music scene earned him a spot on Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Artists You Need To Know."

Scott's journey includes sharing the stage with iconic artists such as Travis Tritt, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Whiskey Myers. Beyond his musical achievements, Scott Brown is a dedicated founder and board member of Base Camp 40, an organization providing brotherhood and support to veterans.

As a proud father of four children, two of whom he and his wife adopted, Scott Brown embodies not only musical talent and military service but also a commitment to family. His collaboration with Chris Kyle resulted in the co-writing of "Valor," adding another layer to Scott's multifaceted and impactful career.<>

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"If you want to change things, sometimes you have to start with the man in the mirror. You have to be the best you for you, before you can be the best for anything or anyone else."

- Scott Brown

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Solstice Watersports Drifter Camo Inflatable SUP Kit 11'6" with Fishing Pole Adapter

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Gear specifically chosen so you can meet your potential in your passion outdoors. The below handpicked gear will help you find your Everest.