Twisted Goat

Twisted Goat


The original inventor behind Fiber Fix and Twisted Goat origin story. 

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Texas, Matt Hawkes was expected to work the day he could walk. 

The family-run ranch was home to ten children and enough cattle to keep them busy. Matt’s inventing spirit and inspiration behind creating the Twisted Goat came from seeing how his father used whatever tools he could find to help keep the ranch running. Matt explains: 

“My father was my hero, just always so resourceful. He would take unused medical supplies from his job as an orthopedic surgeon for the army and we would create makeshift tools.”

Cattle were always escaping from the ranch and would get caught on the fence. Matt said his father would strap the kids up with these rough-and-ready medical kits so they could go out on the 600-acre property to stitch up the cows on the spot. 

Father-like-son, Matt started to think of ways to make hybrid tools around the ranch. The Twisted Goat idea came when he realized baling wire, tie-down straps, and rope were good fasteners but all had a small downfall. Matt explains: 

“I always asked myself, how could I marry a strap with a wire and give it some grip? I always felt like there was something missing and I knew it was time to evolve the tie-down industry with The Twisted Goat.”

Matt went on to create a handful of successful products in his early 20s. He explained it was never about the money or the notoriety. He invents because he likes to give handymen and organizers the tools he always wanted while growing up on the ranch with his father. 

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