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At AIM Hunting™, we manufacture and sell Crosshairs Scope Clocks, Watches, & Thermometers featuring HD images from the best wildlife photographers in the world in our patented crosshairs design. Our patented crosshairs clocks and thermometers have been selling in retail stores like Cabela's, Menards, and Bass Pro Shops since 2010.

The company's CEO and President is Jennifer Jacques, while AIM Hunting™ was founded by John Jacques in 2009:

While working surveillance with his private investigations firm one autumn afternoon, John Jacques found himself staring off into the woods, wishing he was hunting for a big buck rather than staring at a home in rural Wisconsin.

He started thinking that looking through a rifle scope would trump staring through the lens of his HD camcorder. Between looking back and forth between the camcorder and his watch on that long day, he realized that the face of his watch was similar to that of a rifle scope....all it needed was an image of a big buck and crosshairs overlay. When he returned home, he told his wife Jenn of his idea and added, "Look, wouldn't it be cool if my clock here in the office looked exactly like what you see when you are looking through a rifle scope, about to shoot a big buck?". Jenn's immediate answer was, "Yes, now THAT'S an idea you need to run with, Jacques!".

So the idea took shape. Using a coffee mug and a deer hunting magazine, Jenn and John began to shape the crosshairs clock concept. The crosshairs conveniently formed the markers for 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Design Patents were filed, prototypes were built, and the product was perfected. We even added watches, thermometers, desk clocks, alarm clocks and carabiner clips to our product line as well.

Now AIM Hunting™ brings you a complete line of crosshairs scope concept products, featuring HD wildlife images from the best wildlife photographers in the world, for you to enjoy in your home, cabin, deer camp, office or bar...and on your wrist!

AIM Hunting™ products make perfect gifts and are priced accordingly!

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All items in stock will ship within 48 hours of the order. Your tracking information will be sent via email. 

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Please message us if you have questions about returning a product. 

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