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Allegiance specializes in SAM, Specialized Ammunition Manufacturing. You tell us the mission and we develop the ammunition to fit your application/need. Our product line consists of. Allegiance uses 21st century State of the Art Powder Metal Technology to produce Advanced Balistic Performance like you've never seen before. 

PowerStrike- is for Tactical and self defense applications. PowerStrike is designed to fragment completely inside the soft target creating a large permanent multi directional wound cavity when impacting against soft fluid filled tissue creating massive shock trauma to the central nervous system shutting the threat down quickly and humanly. Produced in 380ACP, 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, 223, 300AAC, 7.62x39,

OneStrike is designed to fragment as it passes through or fragment on certain light barriers depending upon the caliber so as not to enter multiply rooms or structures which makes it excellent for high crowd, sensitive areas, metal enclosures and CQB situations. It has excellent application for a home defense round as it will fragment as it passes through a 1/2 inch sheetrock wall so as not to go into multiply rooms injuring a bystander.

SilentStrike- is the worlds only Jacketed Frangible Subsonic ammo that is safe to use in supperssors. Our 556 is a full cycling  subsonic round that functions the AR and M4  in semi and full auto mode at 975 FPS.. Allegiance now has developed a subsonic package that allows shooters to have a 12-16inch upper that can shoot both high velocity and subsonic ammo in the same mag. No need of adjustable gas blocks or expensive modfications. SilentStrike is excellent for covert hunting situations where stealth with maximum stopping power is essential to a successful mission/hunt. SilentStrike allows hunters to make multiply shots without giving away his position which makes it great for predator hunting. SilentStrike is currently produced in 9mm 135gr, 45ACP 230gr, 556 95gr (non Frangible Lead Core) 110gr 130gr, 300AAC 140gr, 200gr, 7.62x39 200gr. 

HogStrike  is the Put Em Down Round

Using 21st Century Powder Metal Technology Allegiance has engineered a dense frangible core that will penetrate through thick hide and bone to reach the vitals and fragment when impacting the soft pressurized fluid filled tissue releasing all the rounds energy inside the soft target.  This violent fragmentation causes the frangible core to become a rotational expanding cone of micro size powder metal particles that creates a massive permanent multi directional wound channel that shuts down the animals central nervous system and stops them dead in their tracks.

No other round is going to stop them as hard and fast as HogStrike. Insure the success of your next hunt with HogStrike!


Shipping Policy

We ship ammunition to your door via UPS ground.. On orders over 100.00 free shipping. Under 100.00 customer pays shipping.

Return Policy

For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on ammunition. Since we cannot guarantee that our product has not been tampered with we will not accept returns of our ammunition products. This policy is in place to protect our valued customers. so always make sure you order the correct ammunition for your specific firearm.

All Ammunition Sales are Final. There are no exceptions.

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