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At Field Supply we want you to buy with confidence. We've been doing this kind of thing for 20 years, and sincerely appreciate the trust you place in us and all Brandshopper sites.  And as such, we want to make sure you can reach us easily and rest assured that with the best available customer service anywhere, we're committed to make your experience second to none. And if you ever need to reach us, it's easy.

Shipping Policy
Return Policy

Our return policy is simple: when your package arrives, open and inspect. Refund of shipping charges will depend on the reason for the return. If you receive a damaged product: Every product that leaves Field Supply has been inspected and in grade A condition unless otherwise noted (such as our occasional Scratch & Dent sales). Sometimes things happen on the way to the Coliseum as they say. Damage in transit drives us as crazy as it drives you. If you received a damaged item, we’ll file a claim with the carrier and send you a replacement, in which case shipping is on our nickel. We’ll work to resolve it in a manner that requires the least amount of effort from you possible.

If you are returning an item due to buyer’s remorse: We’ll refund you for the price of the item less shipping, as long as you return it in its original box and in saleable condition.

Returns must be sent back within 14 days. Please return it in the original package, and we’ll issue an exchange or refund depending on the circumstances. Before you drop it back in the mail, email us with your name and order #, let us know the reason for the return, and we’ll issue an RMA (return merchandise authorization). Write the RMA number on the package, as this will make your refund as prompt as possible.

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