High Plains Prospectors, LLC

High Plains Prospectors, LLC

No matter what brand of metal detector you prefer, High Plains Prospectors has the new and used metal detectors you want. High Plains Prospectors offers the best deals and largest selection of metal detectors, gold prospecting equipment, and treasure hunting supplies on the market. You’ll find the lowest prices and best packages from brands such as Garrett Metal DetectorsMinelab Metal DetectorsFisher Labs Metal Detectors, Nokta Makro, Detector Pro, Teknetics, White’s, XP Metal Detectors, and more. Every year we are ranked within the top ten metal detector dealerships by our manufacturing partners. Our goal is to make your shopping experience fun and easy. We offer FREE and same day shipping on almost all our products, no hassle returns, and provide industry best customer service and satisfaction that has helped us earn lifetime customers and stellar reviews.
We offer more products for treasure hunting than any metal detector dealer or gold prospecting supplier out there including top selling brands like Gold Cube, Pioneer Mining Supplies, Estwing, Johnson Pumps, Kwik Kiln, and all the top metal detector manufacturers in the United States including Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 metal detectors, Garrett ACE, AT Pro and AT Max metal detectors, XP Deus, Nokta Makro Anfibio, Pulse Dive metal detectors, and more.
High Plains is also introducing its own private label gear such as the Little Pickers 18" Backpacker Sluice Box, Tactical Gloves, Metal Detector carry bags and pouches, diggers, Pneumatic Rock Crusher and Mortar, and more as our product line continues to grow.

Why Buy from A Reputable Metal Detector Dealer?
There are a ton of sites acting as knowledgeable metal detector dealers only working as affiliates to other sites where they can gain revenue but not have to provide the follow up and support needed by a reputable metal detector dealer. High Plains Prospectors is an Officially Authorized Dealer for any and all products we sell. Our staff undergoes hours of education each month on all brands and types of metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment. More importantly, everyone in our shop that deals with customers daily has real-world, first-hand experience operating the metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment we sell. We sell the top brands including Gold Cube, Pioneer Mining Supplies, Estwing, Johnson Pumps, Kwik Kiln, and all the top metal detector manufacturers in the United States.

Don’t Settle for Some Large Reseller.
There are a lot of large box sporting goods stores and online resellers that offer a variety of metal detector brands including Minelab, Bounty Hunter, Teknetcis, and others. Many of the products they sell look similar to the reputable brands we sell. Don’t be fooled by a deal that seems too good to be true. Because more than likely, it is. Many consumers who purchase from these resellers come to us for direction on how to use their metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment. The large resellers do not know how to provide the answers and support that a dealer like High Plains Prospectors can. We have the best selection of metal detecting and gold prospecting accessories on the market. Things like pinpointers, rare earth magnets, metal detecting and prospecting shovels, rock picks, sand scoops, gold pans, and classifiers, and so much more, are the items we keep in stock in-store and online.

Choose the Company That has The Experience and Versatility to Help You Choose the Right Product.
Compiling all the equipment and gear you need to make your treasure hunting trips successful can be an expensive endeavor. When choosing the metal detector or gold prospecting supply store to purchase, choose High Plains Prospectors. We have all the large and small items you will need to compile the most lethal arsenal of treasure hunting and prospecting equipment. From small items like snuffer bottles, black magnet separator pens, and magnifiers to high bankers, gold trommels, blue bowl separators, and spiral gold panning machines, we have it all. We have the largest number of individual products on the market. There is no other company that can provide the equipment options as High Plains Prospectors.

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