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About Us
The PeaceGeek is an intergalactic shopping experience for God fearing, hard-working, good-humored, barrel-chested, American patriots who know a good deal when they see one and aren't afraid to take chances. We acquire manufacturers and retailers mistakes and surplus inventories and liquidate them in a low emission, fully sustainable shopping experience that combines the fun of social media with the ease of shopping from the shitter. We are able to offer these epic prices to you because of our low overhead, which is achieved because we don't have a large staff, fancy marketing or any formal corporate structure or the bullshit that comes with it. So grab a drink and relax while you enjoy a non-violent shopping experience. 

Shipping Policy

We are packaging orders as fast as possible. It could take 3-4 days depending on current demand. 

Return Policy

While we may be a little rough around the edges with our customers on social media, we at the PeaceGeek make every effort to ensure you are getting a good product at a good value. You are getting a great deal on our products because they are blems or seconds from other manufacturers. We visually inspect everything to made sure that functionally it will work, but we cannot guarantee the life or performance of the product. Therefore, all purchases are final unless we screw up somewhere and decide otherwise.

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Office: 1-866-804-0934