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Established in 2011, The Gun Cleaners expert cleaning staff has cleaned thousands of firearms ranging from Civil War Era rifle heirlooms to the latest and greatest semi and fully-automatic firearm platforms. In addition, The Gun Cleaners excels in the following areas: Technology, Process and People.

For the past several years we have worked with the leading chemical engineers in the United States to develop a gun lubricant that maximizes our cleaning process and technologies and provides the best possible results for our customer’s guns. The Gun Cleaners goal was to produce a lubrication that overcame the deficiencies of many of the most popular gun lubrications in the market today. The majority of our competitor’s products on the shelves in stores today are petroleum (oil) based products. The main reason is that petroleum based products are in-expensive as well as a fairly effective product for lubricating and cleaning. There are several issues with petroleum based products that lead to a subpar lubrication experience for our customers:

• Petroleum based lubrication has a Low Specific Gravity (LSG) therefore water or moisture in the air will displace the petroleum lubrication from the metal. The moisture stays on surface which cause corrosion and rust (commonly known as “flash rust”.)

• Petroleum based lubrications has a very volatile organic content (VOC) which means it evaporates very quickly. This means that the lubrication stays on the gun’s surfaces for a shorter amount of time thereby exposing the gun’s surface to air, moisture and other particulates.

• Petroleum based lubrications have larger micron molecules that do not adhere to the guns porous surface efficiently as nano mole cules. This low adhesion levels also allow for the lubrication to dissipate quickly.

Shipping Policy

We ship all orders within 24 to 48 hours after recieving the orders. We will input the tracking number into the system once your oder ships. 

Return Policy

We do not accept return on our lubricants.

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