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About Us

Warfighter Hemp is comprised of veterans and non-veterans who believe in providing an alternative to the reality that many veterans are faced with – a cocktail of preion painkillers and zombie dope. Our mission is to improve veteran’s way of life in all sorts of ways. We are a worldwide organization with representatives and ambassadors around the globe. We give 10% of our profits give back to other charities that support veteran’s independence.

At Warfighter Hemp, we are transparent about how much cannabidiol and other cannabinoids our customers are paying for. We frequently conduct third-party tests on our products and publish the results here on our website. We encourage our customers to do additional research on the businesses they are purchasing from, and to read their customer reviews.

Warfighter Hemp is grown at our farm in Eaton, Colorado. We have partnered with 4th generation Colorado farmers to grow our hemp on USDA organic land – not only does hemp provide opportunities for veterans, it provides opportunities for American farm families. We believe in regenerative agricultural and organic farming practices.


Shipping Policy

We ship via USPS within 5 days of order placement.

Return Policy

We will refund or Exchange any unopened unused product within 30 days of your order placement. Please contact [email protected] for more information on our return process.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you understand that the products purchased, whether consumable or topical, contain cannabinoids from hemp oil with 0.03% or less THC. Our manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and our products are manufactured according to FDA guidelines.

As these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any benefits from our products. If you decide to purchase our products, you do so based upon your own opinions as to any benefits these products may provide

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