Dirwin Bike

Dirwin Bike

Ride it. Love it. Live it

Dirwin Bike is the result of the founding team’s passion for making the best electric bikes that can handle any terrain. The founders have been e-bike, e-skate, and electric vehicle enthusiasts since 2017. With a true international team based in the US and in China, the founders sought out to create the perfect off road electric bikes for the American market. With Eric and Dom’s understanding of what the US consumer wants and years of business experience combined with Chris’s manufacturing knowledge and network, the team knew that they had an edge. Chris introduced the team to Thomas, who had access to the best overseas e-bike manufacturing facilities, and the Dirwin Bike company was born. For months, the team analyzed the top e-bikes on the market and rigorously tested products only to find that there was always an issue with the existing e-bikes. In April 2021, the first Dirwin e-bike was produced - the Dirwin Seeker. This e-bike is the product of uncompromising research, testing, and determination.

Since then, Dirwin has built a strong sales team with coverage across the nation and attended all 3 CABDA Shows in 2021 - Chicago, LA, and NYC - to feature our high-performance e-bikes. We were applauded for our efforts to take the ebike riding experience to the next level and as one of our favorite dealers put it: “Dirwin is the Mercedes Benz and those other guys are the Kia for the same price.”


We believe that ebike enthusiasts deserve better and that everyone, regardless of income level, should be able to enjoy one. Our mission is to deliver where others have failed! We adjusted the motor and controller to achieve the best-riding experience and motor reaction, making the grade climbing ability and ride stability of Dirwin e-bikes better than other brands at similar price points.

We care about the satisfaction and comfort of our customers and the well-being of our dealers. Visit one of our dealers and test ride a Dirwin e-bike yourself to feel the difference! The endless pursuit for the perfect e-bike riding experience at a price that customers feel comfortable with and customer service that you can be proud of - that’s what Dirwin is all about!

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