Welcome to the Lucyd fam! Lucyd is a crowdfunded, employee-owned company focused on upgrading the world’s eyewear.


We were founded by three like-minded tech entrepreneurs committed to developing the global standard in smart eyewear. We set out to build the first smart eyewear product that works just like regular glasses, while helping you stay connected to your digital life. Our initial funding came from Tekcapital plc, a UK investment firm that transforms university innovations into new products to improve quality of life. For much of 2019, our efforts were devoted solely to smart eyewear testing and development.


After a year of rigorous research and development, we launched a notable beta product, Lucyd Loud 2020, a sport-style audio sunglass. Loud 2020 taught our team a lot about what was needed to build a successful, mainstream smart eyewear product. In 2020, we also launched our first regulation crowdfund, attracting nearly 4,000 tech-loving investors to our company and raising over $1m from a grassroots campaign.


Here is where our story takes off in earnest! In January 2021, we launched the Lucyd Lyte line, the first optical-quality smart frame on the market. Lyte represents a completely new standard in smart eyewear, of frames that look and feel like designer eyeglasses and sunglasses, but capable of so much more. We went on to delight thousands of customers with our frames and onboard over 180 optical stores in the US and Canada to carry Lucyd. See our store locator here! We finished out the year by launching our awesome Vyrb app into open beta.


What does 2022 hold for the Lucyd fam? Stay tuned to find out!

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