VMC Titanium Leader Multi-Strand - 50lb - 12"

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VMC Titanium Leader Multi-Strand - 50lb - 12"

SKU: CWR-90975
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Titanium Leader Multi-Strand - 50lb - 12"

This premium titanium leader features an extra-strong and light braided titanium wire leader with a premium ball bearing swivel and unique Touch-Lok Snap. This strong, light, and ultra-thin snap offers “easy on – easy off lure” replacement, but ensures exceptional locking strength, thanks to its unique design. Titanium resists cutting and kinking and coiling extending the life of this premium leader plus it gives your lure the best presentation and action cast after cast. One-piece per pack.


  • Braided Titanium Resists Cutting, Kinking, Coiling & Lasts Longer
  • Protective Sleeves Prevent Wear and Tear
  • Welded Rings
  • Hex-Crimp
  • Premium Ball Bearing Swivels
  • Unique Touch-Lok Snap
  • Strong, Light, and Thin
  • 1 piece per pack
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Product Name VMC Titanium Leader Multi-Strand - 50lb - 12"
Product Brand Vmc
UPC Number 43193109259
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